Announcing…The Science of Happiness

Avanti Kumar

Avanti Kumar

Hi, a pleasure to meet you.

Like me, you will have discovered the hard way that daily challenges are truly difficult to manage without a sound process; a safety net or a kind of rough guide for life.

For a long time now, I have taken a certain approach in my own life and work: a balance between ideas and handling current reality. I’m very far from perfect. Yet I believe there is a perfect source within you right now. The best way for me to reach that spot inside, is by talking about these things with you. And of course , we need to try these things out, every day.

The degree of success I’ve experienced is dependent on how much I followed the process. It also helps to have as much information as possible about the immediate world and its current way of doing things!

Forgive the pretentious branding tag: InnerSpace Science is a hold-all name for a set of simple tools adapted over the years.

I have always been meaning to write a series of books on the subject…one fine day. In the end, I thought I would use this channel to publish the first book, in regular segments online. A free offering to you.

To make things simple, the book Science of Happiness, a 12 step guide, will be a shaped as a series of conversations, and pulished through this site.

Such tools have helped me remain aware of changes, internal and external, and to be ready to meet challenges in most areas of life.

Life is as complicated as we make it. And it seems we like to complicate everything, much to our discomfort.

I hope you use these suggestions to help you see what is real. Then, you can act with purpose. And lets not forget one of the most powerful acts is knowing what and when to surrender situations and people in your life.

Things always got out a little out of hand for me when I forgot I had the tools. Simple things are hard to value and remember, aren’t they?

These tools are from fragments, found over the years in many parts of the world, hiding in ancient myths, religions and successful people.

Often, I am amazed that such simple tools have always been here, waiting to be recognised and used. And what happened with me when I used them? They help me get in touch with that inner knowing, which is one of the many benefits of tuning in to the ever-present, clear-sighted joy within.

I began, with increasing clarity, to see this ever wonderful presence in all people and in all things around me. Because good things happen then.

I look forward to sharing the book with you.

 –  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



To find out more, click on the front cover of the book:

Click on the book cover for more information from the publisher - Marshall Cavendish.

Click on the book cover for more information from the publisher – Marshall Cavendish.

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